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The Walruz
THE WALRUZ existed from 1998-2010 and played minimalistic doom-driven heavy rock, and while their sound is a cross between early Acid King and early Electric Wizard the vocals sound like Pete Stahl on downers. This guys share a huge interest for lowest frequencies, but they don’t forget to write proper songs. Their sound is very mellow and if you want to relaxe from the daily struggle this should help you in finding some peace of mind.

Lex Braselli - Vocals, Gitarre
Stuart West - Bass
Carlos Cabrero - Gitarre
Joe Cobra - Drums

2000 | One Way Ticket | CD-R
2004 | Dry EP | CD-R
2005 | The Walrus | CD-R
2007 | One Way Ticket | CD
2007 | One Way Tickte | TAPE