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SCHATTENSPIEL was born in 2008 in Frankfurt (Germany). In the beginning, the project was called "Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit". Both members had some musical experiences in the past, before they decided to make music together. The first songs were influenced by EBM, but it soon developed into a multifaceted sound between Ambient, Neoclassic and electronic.
In 2009 the first album was released under the name "Follow The White Rabbit". Beginning with this record, SCHATTENSPIEL started to combine the pure EBM with neoclassical sounds. In this year Sven Phalanx made some musical-expe riences with a lot of other musicians.
2010 followed the second CD "Schattenkrieger", released by the Russian label UFA-Muzak. In this year, the second member (the White Rabbit) leaves the band and Sven Phalanx is now the only mastermind behind SCHATTENSPIEL.
In the year 2011 the third album "Lichtgestalten" was created with some guest-musicians. The CD has been released by German label Dead Master's Beat.
In 2012 a fourth CD "Missing In Action And Presumed Dead" saw the light of day. Itīs a collection of compilation-contributions, unreleased songs and remixes.
In the same year, Lionel Verney (of VERNEY 1826) became a new full member of SCHATTENSPIEL. Together they work for the new album "Aus dem Dunkel..." which will was released in 2013.

2009 | Follow The White Rabbit
2010 | La Couronne De Glace (Split mit BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK)
2010 | Schattenkrieger
2011 | Lichtgestalten