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Enchanting Fantasy-Folk from worlds far away
CATHAIN is a folk band, which is active since 2001. Started as a rockband, the sound developed to irish folk over to fantasy folk. Loki (percussion) und Cheridwen (guitar, voice), the initiators, gathered more and more musicians, what offered more possibilities in songwriting and live activities. Besides Loki and Cheridwen CATHAIN is Elenya (celtic harp), Svanja (lute, voice), Areldhred (percussion), Melora (jingle stuff) and Windlilie (dance). CATHAIN can be found on big and small live role playingevents, several medieval markets and sometimes even on events no one expects them.They are booked regularsy at the Conquest Of Mythodea (LARP) and at the FeenCon (Pen&Paper).

Dead Master's Beat released the second version of the first demo recordings of CATHAIN.

Loki (percussion)
Cheridwen (guitar, voice)
Elenya (celtic harp)
Svanja (lute, voice)
Areldhred (percussion)
Melora (jingle stuff)
Windlilie (dance)

2003 | Demo
2008 | Demo 2003